About Us


My name is Jīvā Jīvē and I live on the island of Maui.  I wrote my first Afroism in 2007. It was designed to be read in 3 minutes as my testimony to the Maui County Liquor Commission. A few months earlier, after I stated that we all had the right to move our bodies moderately where liquor was sold, the Chair-Women of the Maui County Liquor Commission said to me in a hearing on dancing, "What if everyone was jive like you?"

I gave away a few dozen copies and read it to the Commission.  I felt good about the book and seven years later the Governor of Hawaii signed a bill into law that, I had been working to get passed through Hawaii State Government and required the Liquor Commission to address the issue of not allowing people to dance.

In 2015 I discovered the name for my writings.  That year I wrote 6 more Afroisms to complete a rainbow pack.

I have launched this website to spread my Love of writing to the world.